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Dr. Laura Berman Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators


🌸 Gentle dilation for increased comfort.

💪 Durable finger loop for easy control.

🌈 Hypoallergenic material.

💧 Easy to clean and maintain.

Note: Only 22 units left in stock

Start with the smallest dilator and gradually progress to larger sizes as comfort allows. Use with a water-based lubricant for ease of insertion.

We source our adult toys from reputable manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

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✨ Revive Your Intimate Vitality✨

I was hesitant to try pelvic floor therapy, but the Dr. Laura Berman Alena Dilator Set made the experience comfortable and effective. Highly recommended! 🥰"
- Jessica, Texas US

Empower Your Intimate Health

Strengthening your pelvic floor is crucial for overall wellness, and the Dr. Laura Berman Alena™ Dilator Set offers an effective solution.

The durable finger loop attached to each probe allows for easy insertion and removal, while the gradual progression in size allows users to customize their dilation experience according to their comfort level.

Embrace Comfort and Control System

This system is designed to provide users with a sense of empowerment over their intimate wellness journey.

By offering a gentle and effective solution for addressing pelvic floor discomfort and enhancing muscle tone, the System allows users to take charge of their pelvic health with confidence and ease.

Rejuvenate Your Sexual Wellness

It is versatile, making it suitable for users of all experience levels. Whether you're a beginner exploring pelvic floor therapy for the first time or someone seeking to enhance your existing routine, these dilators offer a customizable solution, tailored to your individual needs.

Moreover, the compact and discreet design of the dilators allows for easy storage and transport, ensuring convenience and privacy wherever you go.

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The kit is designed to revitalize and strengthen vaginal muscles, reduce discomfort during insertion, and increase muscle elasticity.

The kit consists of three ergonomically curved silicone probes of different sizes, allowing for gentle dilation. Gradually increasing in size helps with muscle relaxation and expansion.

Start with the smallest dilator and gradually progress to larger sizes as comfort allows. Use with a water-based lubricant for ease of insertion.

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Dr. Laura Berman Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators


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