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10 Health Benefits of Toys: A Surprising Look

10 Health Benefits of Toys: A Surprising Look

The global sex toy industry is worth more than $15 billion per year, and nearly half of the British population admits to owning at least one product, according to research. Beyond the pleasure principle, we investigate the health benefits of sex toys.

How many people play with sex toys?

The sex toy industry is buzzing with 'good vibes,' and the purchase and use of sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. Sex toys can be a helpful adjunct to medical treatment in addition to providing pleasure and entertainment.

According to Indiana University research, 53% of women and 45% of men aged 18-65 had used a vibrator, and vibrator use is associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health.

Women's health benefits from sex toys



Samantha Evans, a former nurse, is the co-founder and managing director of the sex toy company Jo Divine. She claims that an increasing number of customers are looking for sex toys to aid in the treatment of specific medical conditions:
"Sex toys can help treat menopausal symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, vulval/vaginal pain, and tightness (due to vaginismus, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosis cancer treatments and surgical interventions, neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lack of arousal, and low libido."

Some medications, such as cancer treatments, antidepressants, antihistamines, and blood pressure and heart medications, can affect both men's and women's use and enjoy sexuality.
Dr Stephanie de Giorgio, a general practitioner interested in women's health, suggests using sex toys for specific health issues.
Some research suggests that women prefer to use slim vaginal vibrators rather than the more clinical dilators that are often prescribed. "In a study of menopausal women, one unexpected benefit of sex toy use was an improvement in sleep and overnight menopausal sweating," she says. "There is also evidence that using slim internal vibrators with plenty of good-quality vaginal lubricant can improve blood flow to the vaginal area, improving symptoms of some vaginal conditions."

Vibrators can produce various types of sexual stimulation, which can be beneficial when a lack of sexual sensation, a low libido, or an inability to enjoy an orgasm.
"Using a slim vibrator can help to stretch the tissues of the vagina to allow painless penetration, and the vibrations increase blood flow to the vaginal walls, promoting healing, stimulating nerves, and improving lubrication," Evans adds.

Men's health benefits from sex toys

Sexual issues in men may be alleviated by using specific sex toys. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, a lack of libido, and post-surgical problems for various conditions are among them.

"Constriction rings can help a man keep his erection firmer for longer and delay ejaculation," Evans explains. "Specially designed male vibrators can help men gain an erection and stimulate nerve endings, as well as aid in delayed ejaculation because they provide a different sexual sensation than manual masturbation."
De Giorgio concurs that these vibrators can be beneficial in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and adds:

"Penile suction devices to help get erections are available for purchase as well as prescription, but it is best to seek medical advice before use." "One research paper looked at the use of penile sleeves and penile prostheses (more commonly referred to as strap-ons and used by women) as unconventional ways of allowing men to continue to have penetrative intercourse with a partner if they cannot get a useful erection, with some success."

Sex toys have surprising health benefits.

"Using sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase brain power," Evans says. "Age is not a barrier; one lady told us she had her first orgasm at 70 while using a sex toy. They have few side effects, unlike medication, and can help many women enjoy clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms, which they may not have achieved previously. Sex toys can also help people continue to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure when penetrative sex is not possible."

Sex toys for couples can start a conversation about sex and what men and women enjoy as individuals and together.

"It may be something they haven't tried before because of embarrassment or fear of purchasing items," says de Giorgio, "but expert advice is available, and they may find that their sex lives benefit from this new openness."

Should GPs be allowed to prescribe sex toys on the NHS?

"I work with many people who recommend them," Evans says. "Sex toys are being recognized as valuable 'tools' to supplement conventional medical treatment, and many healthcare providers (HCPs) are attempting to normalize, rather than medicalize, sex for their patients. We've created a health brochure in collaboration with HCPs, which many give out to their patients."

However, much work remains before recommending sex toys is the norm for all HCPs, and many struggle to discuss sex with their patients.

"I believe it is unlikely that sex toys will be made available on prescription for men or women because medical devices must be regulated," de Giorgio adds, "but what would be very beneficial would be for HCPs to open up discussions about sexual problems during medical consultations and allow people to talk about their difficulties without embarrassment."


How to Pick the Best Sex Toy



Evans recommends skin-safe products made of silicone, toughened glass, metal, or ABS plastic when selecting a sex toy, as some are made from materials that may harm sexual health.

"Jelly and rubber are both porous, making them difficult to clean and degrade over time," she says. "Also, invest in a pH-balanced lubricant." "Customers occasionally purchase inappropriate products to resolve their issue, which they cannot use, so I always advise people to call us to find out which sex toy would be suitable; what you need depends completely on your health condition."

If you have a health problem that is interfering with your sexual well-being, see your doctor right away. Your local sexual health clinic may also be able to provide advice and, if necessary, psychosexual counsellors and relationship therapists.


Even though sex and masturbation are natural and necessary, society frequently demonizes them due to outdated and puritanical attitudes. We've made great strides in de-stigmatizing casual sex in recent decades, but we still have a long way to go in de-stigmatizing masturbation and sex toys.


People, both men and women, are embarrassed to use sex toys for a variety of reasons. Some people consider sex toys to be immoral objects. Some people believe that using sex toys indicates a lack of sex life. And some people, particularly men, find sex toys to be emasculating. However, there is nothing shameful about enjoying your sexuality, and using sex toys says nothing about your sexual life.


Regardless of our relationship status or the quality of our sex life, we can all benefit from sex toys and regular masturbation. Sex toys aren't just for single people; they can also help people in relationships! Sex toys can help you learn more about your sexuality or improve your intimacy with a partner.


Regardless of our relationship status or the quality of our sex life, we can all benefit from sex toys and regular masturbation.


Masturbation, particularly sex toy-guided masturbation, has numerous physiological and psychological advantages. This article discusses some of the most significant mental health advantages of sex toys.


Sex toys assist you in understanding your sexual desires.





The best way to improve your sex life is to understand your own body and sexual desires, not necessarily to find many sexual partners. When you explore your body, you learn how to get yourself out. You uncover kinks and erogenous zones that would otherwise go unnoticed. And sex toys are essential on your path to sexual awakening and discovery.


With self-awareness, you can be a more sexually confident person. Instead of simply satisfying your sexual partners' whims and desires, you can confidently demand satisfaction from them. Most importantly, learning to enjoy your body without a sexual partner gives you the confidence to demand the best. People who use sex toys have more orgasms and report greater satisfaction with their sex lives.


According to the TENGA 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report, Americans report 90% sexual satisfaction with people who use sex toys, compared to 76% with those who do not use sex toys. This statistic demonstrates that using sex toys not only improves your sex life but also makes you a better sexual partner to others.

Sex toys can help you communicate more effectively with your partners.

Using sex toys with partners is just as beneficial as using sex toys alone. Including sex toys in your sexual activities improves your communication in general. When using sex toys with their partners, people are more likely to express their emotions. You can tell your partner if you don't like how the sex toy is used without fear of hurting their ego or self-esteem.


Sex toys create a barrier that allows you to express your desires to each other openly. Openly communicating your desires with sex toys paves the way for you to openly communicate your desires even when there are no sex toys present. Open sexual communication, according to studies, is an essential component of healthy relationships and overall sexual satisfaction, often leading to more and better orgasms.


Sex toys boost your self-esteem and body confidence.

The human body is a brilliant machine designed for sexual pleasure, physical strength, and intellect. The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings that exist solely to deliver pleasure, with no other biological imperatives. Its sole purpose is to make you feel good. And sex toys allow you to use your body as nature intended.


Masturbators have higher levels of self-confidence and sexual confidence.

You learn to love, respect, and cherish your body when you truly understand it. Masturbators have higher levels of self-confidence and sexual confidence. Sex toys allow you to experiment with your body without fear of being judged or condemned, allowing you to fall in love with all the sensations your body can produce. When you learn to love yourself, you gain the confidence to demand nothing less in your relationships.

Sex toys allow you to sleep soundly.





Sleep is essential to the human body — that probably goes without saying. It boosts our immune systems, makes us more intelligent, and helps us avoid depression and other mental health issues. Sleep deprivation can also impact our libido, resulting in a lack of sexual desire, inability to orgasm, and other issues that can be highly frustrating.


You can orgasm and sleep comfortably in blissful endorphins with sex toys.


Masturbation and sex help you sleep better because they release oxytocin and endorphins, which relax you. Conversely, women often have difficulty orgasm without external stimulation, which is where sex toys come in. You can orgasm and sleep comfortably in blissful endorphins with sex toys. Improving your sleep pattern can help you improve your overall quality of life.


Sex toys are used to treat sexual dysfunctions.





Sexual dysfunction can affect people at any time. Whether in your twenties or seventies, male or female, gay or straight, we can all suffer from sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, sexual dysfunction can be caused by various physical or emotional factors, and nothing is more frustrating than the inability to orgasm.


Sex toys, on the other hand, can help men and women deal with sexual dysfunction. Some new sex toys, such as Biird's Namii, are specifically designed to trigger your entire clitoral structure, allowing them to overcome any physical or emotional barriers to deliver an orgasm. But it's not just about orgasms; sex toys can help you get there.

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